Lesson series

Focus and Finish

Follow up for Focus and Finish. Focus and Finish is a workshop dedicated to helping people create new habits that support productivity, creativity and authenticity at work and in life. It covers many of the basic skills involved in maximizing productivity and includes new information to support the current reality of being connected to work 24/7. It is designed to support people who feel overwhelmed by the deluge of planned, unplanned, and emergent work that continues to flood their inbox. You will receive one video a week for 5 weeks, and should set aside 10 - 15 minutes to view the video and do the exercise.

What's included?

Section 1
Separating different types of work.

Section 2
Clarify and organize your work.

Section 3
Tips & Tricks for getting into flow.

Section 4
Saying No

Section 5
Happy Hour – Summarizing what these skills can add to your life.
Meet the instructor

Kaylyn Lehmann

Kaylyn Lehmann is a co-founder of Simplified Coach. For over a decade she has coached hundreds of CEOs, VPs, and high potential executives. Her authored curriculum has been used extensively in Fortune 500 companies. Kaylyn believes her clients hold the choices for their personal and professional growth, and she believes in their accountability for those choices. She coaches her clients to push their self-concept and their beliefs and enhance their character strengths to achieve their goals. Known for her focused, supportive, compassionate and direct style, she will work incredibly hard to make sure her clients achieve success and fulfillment along with tools that last a lifetime.
Kaylyn - Course author