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  November 16th         10 am MT          2 Hours
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Focus & Finish

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About the Course

Focus and Finish is a workshop dedicated to helping people create new habits that support productivity, creativity and authenticity at work and in life. It covers many of the basic skills involved in maximizing productivity and includes new information to support the current reality of being connected to work 24/7. It is designed to support people who feel overwhelmed by the deluge of planned, unplanned, and emergent work that continues to demand our time and attention, from personal and professional sources . Participants who take this course will walk away with tools that create a system for the appropriate level of engagement with the tasks with which they choose to focus.

In this course you will learn to:

Understand the 
three-fold nature of work

Create a structure for the stages of mindful workflow

Promote a calm, positive, and productive outlook in times of crisis or overload

Identify new healthy habits to maintain new/revised system of productivity

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Meet the instructor

Christina Roberts Enneking

Christina is an experienced coach, facilitator, and leadership
consultant, supporting large and small businesses and individuals throughout Silicon Valley. Known as a catalyst for positive change,
Christina combines an entrepreneurial spirit with practical tools anskill practice to hone leadership skillscultivate behavioral shifts
for maximum success, and increase personal motivation. Christina creates bridges between people and aligned purpose, orchestrating a balanced dance between playfulness and practicality, creativity and wisdom.
Patrick Jones - Course author