Lesson series

Having Hard Conversations

Follow up videos to deepen your understanding of the Having Hard Conversations workshop.

Having Hard Conversations is about getting to results faster by managing emotions, clarifying mutual purpose, and having effective and direct conversations about tough topics. Closing the gap between issue identification and discussing tough problems is imperative to company growth and building stronger relationships. This course provides the tools to have these high-stakes conversations as honestly and respectfully as possible. Whether the issue is product feedback, concern about a critical decision, the performance of a peer, or a difficult question for management, being able to talk about tough challenges is the key to personal and professional success.

What's included?

5 Sections to deepen your understanding of Having Hard Conversations.
Section 1  
Begin With Purpose - 4 min.

Section 2 
Your Emotional State - 5 min.

Section 3 
Tell Them - 4 min.

Section 4 
Solutions - 5 min.

Section 5 
Getting to a Clear Agreement - 5 min.
Meet the instructor

Roberto Alonso

Roberto Alonso brings more than 15 years of experience in consulting and training to the business community. Specializing in
organizational communication and process improvement, Roberto helps individuals, teams, and organizations increase organizational effectiveness, achieve bottom-line results, and become measurably more vital. Roberto's background and work experience is particularly appealing as a trainer/consultant. He has a private practice in clinical counseling in his home town in San José, Costa Rica.
Kaylyn Lehmann