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     Tuesday, June 29, 2021            10:00 am PT                    2 Hours 
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Effective Interviewing
A behavior-based approach to empower hiring with success

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A company’s success is predicated on the talent it hires.

It’s proven that most interviews simply show whether a person is good at interviewing. Having an interview process that is consistent and structured increases the likelihood of bringing in top talent.
Establishing, refining, and practicing essential skills needed to develop and pose behavior-based questions are the key to effective interviewing.
Participants will leave this workshop equipped with techniques in conducting interviews that empower clarity in reflection, and proficiency in discovering unbiased facts. This translates in wise hiring decisions with a lasting impact on your business & organization.
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In this workshop you will learn:

  Consistency before, during, and after the interview

  Practice in developing and asking questions using the STAR format

  Writing valuable and actionable feedback

  Identifying candidates who share the company’s values

  How to probe for deeper information

  Recognizing and mitigating the most common biases in hiring

What learners are saying:

Good high-level information. Good approach and presentation of material.
Good tools, very focused in a quick 2 hours.
Learned a lot, good course.
Meet the instructor

Mary North

Mary North has been named as Master Trainer for Effective Interviewing and Smart Hiring. In her 15 years of empowering interviewers to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions, Mary has presented workshops across the U.S., Italy, China, and India. Her passion enables teams and companies to objectively identify and hire the best person for an open role. 
Patrick Jones - Course author