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Leading with Accountability & Autonomy  

Follow up to Leading with Accountability and Autonomy. Creating a Team Culture of Accountability means everyone acts from a premise that each problem is everyone’s problem. With any challenge, we See It, Own it, Solve it, and Do It!
Accountability doesn’t mean taking away autonomy. One of the mandates of effective leadership is creating a culture of accountability while also letting people fail, learn, and grow. A great challenge in addressing accountability is about creating beliefs that support an accountable culture along with beliefs that support individual growth and taking risks.
Participants will define accountability, identify personal, professional and environmental obstacles, learn tools to initiate and manage expectations, all in service of creating a culture of accountability in others. They will also dive into the psychological aspects of managing driven, high achieving individuals in a way that allows them to thrive, elevating the whole team and its impact.

What's included?

5 Sections to deepen your understanding of Leading with Accountability and Autonomy
Section 1 
The Line

Section 2

Section 3
Controlling your Advice Monster with GROW

Section 4 
Autonomy on the Brain

Section 5 
Happy Hour
Meet the instructorS

Kaylyn Lehmann

Kaylyn Lehmann is a co-founder of Simplified Coach. For over a decade, she has coached hundreds of CEOs, VPs, and high potential executives. Her authored curriculum has been used extensively in Fortune 500 companies. Kaylyn believes her clients hold the choices for their personal and professional growth, and she believes in their accountability for those choices. She coaches her clients to push their self-concept and their beliefs and enhance their character strengths to achieve their goals. Known for her focused, supportive, compassionate, and direct style, she will work incredibly hard to make sure her clients achieve success and fulfillment along with tools that last a lifetime.
Kaylyn Lehmann - Course author

Leanne Gallagher

Leanne Gallagher helps organizations improve targeted management, leadership, and teamwork. A seasoned facilitator, she also designs programs, creates and delivers
high-impact events, and consults on a variety of performance effectiveness initiatives. She focuses on the high-tech organizations and specializes in the competency areas of leadership, teamwork, inclusion, bias, and performance management. However, Leanne is passionate about providing these development opportunities to the general community and small businesses.
Kaylyn Lehmann - Course author