Lesson series

Your Unique Genius

Follow up for Your Unique Genius – Leveraging CliftonStrengths to shine the light on your individual and collective genius. Each one of us has a unique strength profile that points to what energizes us at work and also to what drains us. This follow-up program supports you in continuing the strengths conversation: with yourself through reflection, with your colleagues, and with your manager. When we each play to our strengths and tap into the strengths of our co-workers, everyone wins.
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What's included?

5 Follow Up Videos 
Section 1 - Loved It, Loathed It

Section 2 - Blind Spots

Section 3 - Navigating Uncertainty & Change

Section 4 - Diversity & Inclusion & Change

Section 5 - Happy Hour 
Meet the instructor

Nancy Larocca Hedley

Nancy Larocca Hedley is a popular and trusted executive coach and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about enhancing collaboration, teamwork, and leadership within organizations. Nancy also works with individuals to align their professional contributions with their natural strengths and passions so they can experience joy and meaning through their work.
Nancy Larocca Hedley